What is Biometric & RFID Attendance System?

Daily manually maintaining attendance is a mandatory task for every teacher, but because of its tiresome and time killing process, it indirectly impacts the productivity of the teachers. But with Campus 365 RFID attendance system, teachers can quickly and accurately record the attendance without putting much effort and at the same time can generate reports in a single click.

RFID can be introduced with the student’s ID cards or attached to their uniforms, every time a student passes through a strategically placed checkpoint their presence is noted, notifying all the stakeholders – parents, management and the School ERP software.

The Biometric system makes use of physical features, such as fingerprint and face recognition to mark attendance every day. The system is secure, robust and very difficult to tamper with. Real-time updating of information to the school management software ensures that the parents and teachers stay notified about attendance.

What are the benefits of the RFID Attendance System?

Campus 365's School ERP Features for Teachers
For Teachers

Remove the headache of marking individual attendance in every class

Notification about absentees automatically received

Ability to notify parents about absenteeis

Converse with students who aren’t present in class about assignments and homework

Campus 365's School ERP Features for Teachers
For Schools

Automatic report generation helps in analysis of final attendance, hence the need for cumbersome manual work is removed

Saves room that is required to store large files with student attendance and records

Get notified if students are venturing into the restricted area where they are not given access to and identify the students

Save natural resources as no paper work needs to be converted and stored

Campus 365's School ERP Features for Teachers
For Students

Ensure accurate attendance is recorded as system is updated in real-time

Grievances about attendance can be instantly raised

Reduce pressure on students for roll call; giving students more time to learn

Review attendance analysis and reports in different formats

Campus 365's School ERP Features for Teachers
For Parents

Updates on entry and exit of the student to and from school

Daily, monthly, term and yearly attendance percentage automatically calculated

Alerts on absenteeism through SMS and in the school ERP system notification

Dashboards and reports to analyse attendance data

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Campus 365 RFID Towers

The automated intelligent system which acts as a complete attendance management system for the new age Schools and Colleges.

When Student walks through the gate, the student’s name card is read automatically, and attendance is marked on the software installed on the school’s server and an automatic SMS or Push notification is sent to the Parents. There’s no need of student swiping his/her name card on the machine.

Campus 365 RFID Towers are designed and tested to be a 100% accurate in reading information. Magic doors have a reading speed of less than 0.2 seconds making it a super fast and allows the message to be sent in multiple languages along with the exact time and date when the student walks through the school gates.

Campus 365 RFID Towers helps in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports of each students apart from real time recording and notification so that any anomalies in the attendance can be traced and rectified.

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