RFID Smart Attendance

Whatever School attendance problem you might want to solve, there’s a decent chance we’ve already tackled it in the past. We’re no rookies. We love facing challenges and are sure about the ultimate success. Solving great number of attendance cases requires a dependable product. A simple and yet innovative feature which can save as much as 10-30 minutes of a teacher’s precious time daily which can be reserved for grooming the Stars of Future. All the products manufactured at Campus365 comes with a one year piece of mind warranty. But rest assured, you won’t need it! Check below to find out our most innovative RF Attendance solution for School of any size. All the products take 1-4 weeks of delivery time based on region you are ordering from.

Great Help tool for Teachers

The app helps the Teachers in validating the attendance quickly on Teacher’s mobile phone and saves precious student teaching time.

Parent Benefits

Parent benefits from student security to School and College apps so that they can also see their wards attendance, related data and reports online.

  • Daily Attendance Update on School Entry/Exit
  • Monthly & Yearly Attendance %
  • Term Attendance %
  • Absent Alerts

School Benefits

School Benefits from School Bus GPS + RFID and In-campus RFID readers which helps in saving tons of paper and printer cartridges every year.

Auto Attendance for Teacher’s and Staff

Auto attendance is not just for Students but also for School and College teachers and additional staff.

Campus 365 RFID Towers

The automated intelligent system which acts as a complete attendance management system for the new age Schools and Colleges.

When Student walks through the gate, the student’s name card is read automatically, and attendance is marked on the software installed on the school’s server and an automatic SMS or Push notification is sent to the Parents. There’s no need of student swiping his/her name card on the machine.

Campus 365 RFID Towers are designed and tested to be a 100% accurate in reading information. Magic doors have a reading speed of less than 0.2 seconds making it a super fast and allows the message to be sent in multiple languages along with the exact time and date when the student walks through the school gates.

Campus 365 RFID Towers helps in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports of each students apart from real time recording and notification so that any anomalies in the attendance can be traced and rectified.”

Additional RFID Devices From Campus 365

Yes! It is even more reasons why you should choose Us. We could write about them for eternity but we know that your time is valuable so don’t waste it. Work with Us!

Keelo Wall-E
The Wall.E is an innovative RFID attendance reader which captures the child’s personal records, marks the attendance for entry/exit in the application and sends an alert to the parent about the arrival/departure at the School and College premise.
Bus Stick - Home To School
The Bus Stick - Home to School is an innovative RFID ID card reader which keeps a track of when did student borded the school bus. It also alerts the parents and schools about the arrival of the school bus at the respective premises.
Bus Stick - School To Home
The Bus Stick - School To Home is an innovative RFID ID card reader which alrets schools and parents when student boards the bus while leaving from the school. It also alrets the parents and schools about the departure of the school bus from the respective premises.


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Amazing School ERP
We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.
Appurva Bhardawaj
Excellent School ERP Software
Campus 365 is one of its own kind. It's really user-friendly and solution to all day to day school works. It has been a great experience shifting to them.
Girish Verma
Best School Management Software
Adapting to Campus 365 has been easy and the robust user-friendly SMS system comes with a great support. Happy to have switched to Campus 365.
Mohit Tiwari
Great Team
Help to maintain and use Information about Employees and Students in very Constructive way. Which makes our school’s Life much easier.
Ankur Verma
Awesome school management software
Amazing school ERP in a affordable price. It is great value for the money. Really satisfied with the services.
Ankur Verma
Amazing school automation software
It was a pleasure to have Campus 365 work with us to help us setup and implement Campus 365 features. The training team is great.
Santosh Kumar

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