School 365

Automate everything, Generate insightful reports, Make better & faster decisions.

  • 100% Cloud-based and efficient reporting engine.
  • Web and mobile App for Parents/Students for 100% visibility.
  • 360 Degree Visibility and Administration of your Institution.

College 365

Automate everything, a one stop solution for your complete college management.

  • 100% Cloud-based and efficient reporting engine.
  • Web and mobile App for Teachers, Parents, and Students.
  • 360 Degree Visibility and Administration of your Institution.

SoftwareSuggest rewards Campus 365 as one of the best budget friendly software.

No More Data Silos - Just Unified School and College Management Software

Thousands of education organisations today use fragmented school management systems and software platforms to manage their administrative and learning activities. Campus 365 provides a solution that unifies them all in one simple and beautiful platform.

School/College management software
Parent-Teacher collaboration
Fee management & Online fee payment
Gradebook & reports
Timetable, attendance & scheduling
Online examination & assignment

+50 other awesome modules in Campus 365 School and College ERP suite

Campus 365 team took its own sweet time in developing the solution as we knew that providing the solution to the school and college is a different thing and knowing what a School/College wants is another challenge.

Yes, we know there are numerous independent software applications present in the Schools and Colleges which provide almost all of the features Schools/Colleges use for daily operations, but only a Campus 365 School and College ERP does it in a way which the Schools and Colleges prefer. We removed all the unnecessary and painful features which the School/College authorities will never use. Only relevant features make its way into the Campus 365 suite and we’re very confident that the School/College Admins, Teachers, Parents, and Students will love the solution we’ve loaded into Campus 365 suite.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Managing an educational institute can be a tedious job as a lot of activities happen at the same time. In such case, Campus365 is your solution as it gives you the edge over any other educational application by bringing all the verticals at one place. And thus giving you better and organized results.

Simple and Easy

Designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task.

Powerful features

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution. No customization required.

Fully customizable

School 365 and College 365 offers you customizable dashboards at different level of hierarchy.


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Amazing Platform
We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.
Appurva Bhardawaj
School 365 is one of its own kind. It's really user-friendly and solution to all day to day school works. It has been a great experience shifting to them.
Girish Verma
Adapting to School 365 has been easy and the robust user-friendly SMS system comes with a great support. Happy to have switched to Campus 365.
Mohit Tiwari
Great Team
Help to maintain and use Information about Employees and Students in very Constructive way. Which makes our school’s Life much easier.
Ankur Verma
Awesome Erp management Software
Amazing school/ college ERP management software in a affordable price. It is great value for the money .we have been using software from last 1.5 years.
Ankur Verma
Amazing Service
It was a pleasure to have Campus 365 work with us to help us setup and implement School 365 features. The training team is great.
Santosh Kumar

Use it anywhere, anytime

iOS & Android Apps In Your Brand for Parents, Teachers & Students

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the ERP and stay connected with everyone.

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