Transportation Management, A must-have module for School Management Software

Campus 365 Bus and GPS Tracking Solution

This feature provided by Campus 365 school management software is one of the reasons, the parents are ardent fans of our software. Can you turn down an app that lets you know the location of your most important person? Of course, not. I don’t think there exist a lot of apps that enable this facility. And you know-how in schools, there are a big number of kids enrolled and staff appointed? In some ways, it is the responsibility of the educational institution to ensure that they return home safely. Well, of course, they have to opt for the transportation facility provided by the school or they are on their own. We have the power to choose. Anyway, selecting the bus option is the most convenient option. This GPS tracking service tightens the entire security without any room for the cunning plans that arise out of a kid’s mind to work out. It is totally foolproof. This gives an assurance to the parent community. Parents always have the best intentions for their children obviously and this supports that.

Let’s explore the factors that make this feature of one of the best school ERPs out there.

  • With the help of GPS, all the routes are viewed and the boarding points are created and the students are categorized or allocated to each bus in an efficient manner. There doesn’t have to be manual work which saves a huge deal of time that could be used to work on something productive. Honestly, assigning buses and the whole route connection can get very messy. This does not compromise accuracy and put it in front of you.
  • This particular module, as Campus 365 functions as a cloud-based system and as it is an online school ERP, helps to manage all the institution vehicle details and driver’s information. So, don’t worry about accessing them.
  • This module is just like the other modules featured on Campus 365 in the sense that it makes everything super systematic like the bus stops and route allocation to each student and staff, number of student/staff on each stop/route, number of stops on each route, maintenance of the vehicle logbook, the vehicle tax and insurance information, vehicle maintenance schedule, vehicle odometer, vehicle requisition for various occasions and more. The Reports are updated accordingly as well.
  • The repairs and service details are updated consistently.
  • Fees can be collected at the boarding point, thanks to this school management software.
  • The mobile application allows the parents to track their kids through the GPS system. They do not have to muster unnecessary fear or anxiety for that matter. And if the kid did not get inside the bus, they will be notified immediately which is so convenient and it is less likely that the ways of the kid go in an off-track manner.

We believe that this cleared out the clouds and clarified how this school management system is a necessity in your school and you should bring it to the notice of the authorities to install possibly the best school ERP that exists in this world.