Payment Gateway in school management software – A key to success

School management software with Payment gateway

In today’s world, everything is shifting to the internet, from sharing photos and texting friends to placing orders and making payments, all that is just one click away. The world is winding up. And at this time Schools are one of the last sectors to adopt the payment gateway solution.

It’s just not only about shifting your institution to the internet but also assure your students that their details are secure with the institute. Introducing a Campus 365 to your institute strengthens the pillar of trust as it sends a confirmation message to the students and parents each time when one makes a payment that we have received your payment and also welcome users for associating with the institute.

Let’s have a look at how a payment gateway works: When you do any money transaction online, the transaction is coordinated by a payment gateway company. For example, when you pay for a taxi booking app, the payment doesn’t go directly to the bank of the taxi booking app. It will be processed by an intermediary company that accepts the payment from your card or bank and informs the taxi booking app that the payment is received successfully. The payment gateway company transfers the money to the company only after some hours. Because of the presence of payment gateway, you experience the transaction as instant.

How payment gateway help in the success of your Institute?

  1. Maintain steady cash flow for your institute’s bank account
    Using payment gateways in school management software for your institution, you can ensure the cashflow availability far better than how it was earlier using demand drafts and cheques. Payment gateways transfer the collections of a day usually in the next few days and there are some payment gateways who transfer within a day. You can check with your payment gateway partner to understand more. So with the steady flow of incoming cash to the institution’s bank account, other activities can be planned & executed better using the resources usually allocated for fee collection and daily accounting.
  2. Time-saving feature
    When you are collecting fees as cash, cheques or demand drafts, there is a lot of human intervention and long queues required. This wastes the precious time of both administrators and parents. Also, the risks associated with cheques like non-clearance are nullified by moving to digital payment solutions.
  3. Collect any Payments from Students and Parents Online
    The school management software with payment gateway in your institution is not only limited to school fees, but also to any kind of payment from students and parents. It can be the sale of brochure and application form or collection of the admission fees. Once a payment gateway is dedicated to your institution, you can use it in various ways creatively.
  4. Quick & Detailed Reports at Fingertips
    With the integration of digital payment gateway in your institution, all the reports regarding fee transactions will be available in a single dashboard. You can see the total fee collected today, last day, last week, etc. and can generate graphical reports also. You can also see any failed transactions or fee payments where the transaction is successful but fee receipts not generated. All these reports will be instantaneous and based on last-second transactions. The flexibility and richness of reports will vary from payment gateways to payment gateways.
  5. No limits to the Payment Modes
    Accept the payments from parents through multiple modes like Credit cards, Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, different types of online wallets, etc.

  6. Instant and updates to Parents
    The fee receipts for online transactions are generated instantly and the communication sent to parents in the form of SMS, emails or mobile app alerts. This helps the parents to understand whether the transaction was successful or not. There is no need to contact the school separately to collect the receipt. The ERP software integrated with the payment gateway will generate the receipts which can be downloaded and kept for further purposes.

Payment Gateway Integration features in Campus 365

Campus 365 – is an award-winning ERP software for educational institutions that contains all the required payment gateway integration features for your needs. The payment gateway integration can be enabled for transactions in student fee collection, applicant registration fee collection, etc. The parents have the option to pay from their account even by using the mobile app.


Campus 365 presently comes up readily integrated with the following payment gateways:

Campus 365 Payment Gateway Integrations

Campus 365 also allows custom integration with most payment gateways of your choice without demanding major customization works. If you are looking for a school or college management software with a payment gateway of your choice, contact our experts today!