Is Your School Management Software Working At Its Optimum Level?

An educational institution does not only cater to the educational needs of students but also there are other major roles performed simultaneously which adds highly up to its role and responsibilities. As the area of work is vast and cannot be carried out by an individual or entirely dependent on manual effort per say. The process needs to be automatic and optimized with additional pair of hands. A school ERP software expands the facilities offered by the institution to the users i.e., parents, staff, students through seamless accessibility without limitations. This is not the world where efforts matter more than results. Just adopting a school ERP does not put you in the zone where you can say it is the best and nothing can be added to this anymore.

The question is whether the system is fully optimized in serving the purpose for it was bought in the first instance? Optimization tells us how suitable the process is to get the task completed quickly because the future belongs to the smarter. Every school or college must understand that the ERP should be aligned with the institution’s goals. The more optimum process, the lesser time it will take. Similarly, in this blog post, we will help you with the ways to know

  • Is Your School ERP Working At Its Optimum Level?
  • Is it helping school staff in escorting daily operations successfully or just being additional baggage of responsibility?


Below are some of the highlights which could provide you an insight:

  • Real-time analytics

Decisions based on false or incomplete information always lead management to take aggressive decisions which sometimes prove to be expensive yet unfruitful. To make a productive decision, the data needs to be precise.

Modules like Inventory management help school admins track, manage, and understand the inflow and outflow with an accurate timeline. It helps you to keep a tab on your suppliers, categorize your stock requirement and plan accordingly. Reception desk lets you build the credibility of your school by maintaining the security aspect by tracking visitors, call logging, sending and receipt of parcels, etc.

If your software isn’t capable of providing these details accurately, school management can’t make the decision quicker which ultimately would slow down its progress.

  • Simple to use

One of the main purposes of School ERP is to ease human tasks and reduce errors. The freedom of marking student attendance without particularly announcing the student name, accessing required academic details in one place instead of shuffling through different files makes a teacher’s life a lot easier and hence contributes to staff’s increased productivity.

Similarly, the fear of a parent for missing out on weekly parent-teacher meetings and then waiting another week to know the progress of the child should be taken care of easily by your school ERP. The ERP should be assisting parents not only to track their child’s progress but also to analyze it with their peers.

  • Automate the tasks

During the exams, the teachers are often loaded with multiple responsibilities. At the end of the session, the classes are to be conducted to cover up the entire syllabus, attendance management needs to be done to put the same in the report card, exam papers to be prepared flawlessly, reporting to the higher management, etc.

Seeing the old classic routine of managing all this manually undoubtedly hampers the performance of not only teachers but also creates the gap between teachers’ student relationships. An ERP should be capable of taking off that load so that in times of need, the teacher’s attention is not split between preparing students for examination and these other activities.

  • Level-up the ROI

School management software helps to keep a record of admissions per year, total fee due and collected, donations, expenses, and all the important details. Now, these records can be compared with the previous year and the years before that to provide a true picture of the school performance. By practicing the same, one can easily conduct a SWOT analysis and hence come up with new plans and strategies.

Additionally, School management solution works as a reputation builder. It increases the engagement of people and attracts new users strongly. Parents of today’s generation are more bent towards the new technologies being adopted in schools.

  • Better connectivity

The ERP is at its best when it is able of connecting all the dots and providing transparency along with maintaining the privacy of its users. When an organization has a number of people associated with it, it is quite difficult to connect them all and share the information in less time.

From super admins to grant access to the users as per their roles, teachers to generate their reports and share with concerned, students to be disciple about the usage of the system, and parents to track every moment, the ERP must assist in all the required functions.

Integration with GPS and RFID lets parents sit fearlessly at home, student groups disbar the exchange of numbers and yet maintain the communication between them. A good school management software provides better connectivity and shares urgent information with the respective users instantly.

These were some of the ways through which you can check the performance of your ERP software. Go check it out today. And if your school management solution is not providing you these solutions, don’t delay replacing it then.

Today most of the Institutes are working hard on the optimization. Some of the large schools/colleges have even assigned special departments to track the optimization whose job is to increase productivity and ROI by optimizing the process. Campus 365 is being a small contributor in the same. It is helping schools and colleges achieve their goal with an efficient and reasonable solution.

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Saumyaa Agarwal
Saumyaa Agarwal

Saumyaa heads the Marketing team at Campus 365. She has extensive experience working in various roles across many industries and organizations including large MNCs, the public sector, leading startups, and as an entrepreneur. She is an avid writer and sought-after public speaker on many topics of interest and a passionate trainer for all things marketing and business..

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