Core Modules

  • Courses and Batches
  • Timetable
  • User Management
  • Institute/Event Calendar
  • Student/Parent Login
  • Report Center
  • Leave Application Management
  • Human Resources
  • Examination
  • Student Admission
  • Finance
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • Custom Student Remarks
  • Customisable Dashboards
  • Student Attendance
  • News Management
  • Student Information
  • Messaging System
  • SMS integration

Pro Modules

  • Assignments
  • Transportation
  • Discussion
  • Task
  • Google/Okta SSO
  • Hostel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Library Management
  • Online Polls
  • Google Docs
  • Data Management
  • Gallery
  • Placement
  • Themes
  • Discipline

Enterprise Modules

  • Applicant Registration
  • Custom Report
  • Online Exam
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Webinars
  • Custom Import
  • Fee Import
  • Audit Logs
  • Email Integration
  • RFID Attendance
  • Data Export
  • Instant Fee
  • API Access
  • Tally Integration

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You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the ERP and stay connected with everyone.

A School and College ERP with generous features

Campus 365 School and College ERP Suite comprises of different modules which focuses on all the stakeholders at individual level. The modules comprises of functions which provides an overall view of the organization, making it easier for the user to navigate through the system.

Customisable Dashboards

  • Module dashlets gives you a glimpse of day to day updates like Fees collected, Students or Employees absent, birthdays, , gallery photos, etc.
  • Administrator or the privileged employee can publish latest news and updates for the day which will be visible for all the Fedena users on their dashboard.
  • Reporting manager employee can see the leave applications of the employees/reportees and approve/reject it instantly.


  • Administrator can create different class timing sets for different types of periods.
  • Subject allocation to the teacher can be done as a setting to be able to assign the same teachers in the timetable.
  • Teachers can check their timetable from their login and plan accordingly.
  • Classroom allocations can be done to give clarity on where the lab and theory classes are conducted.
  • Institutional timetable report can be taken out for analysis or to put on the class’s notice board.
  • Option to substitute teachers is there for the admin. The appropriate notifications are sent to the teachers when the swap is performed.

Messaging System

  • The institutions can send out targeted information to parents and students about school events, fee dues, etc. and to the teachers about upcoming PTA meetings etc.
  • This keeps the users updated about their assigned responsibilities. This system is not only fast and easy but also eco-friendly, it is a saving on expensive purchases for receipts, notices and other announcements.

Student Attendance

  • Mark student absence for half day or full day with/without reason in just a click.
  • Record Attendance manually or through RFID device integration with Campus 365 School and College management suite.
  • Administrator can generate attendance report per day for school records.

Student Admission

  • The student admission number is also the username that a student will use to log in to portal.
  • Immediate contact can be set as any relation of the student and emails and sms can be directed accordingly.
  • Using RFID integration, students attendance will be automatically marked.
  • Students can be divided based on categories and any additional information can be saved for the students.

Configurations, Courses and Batches

  • Campus 365's ERP suite can adapt to the institution's system and process through correct configuration of courses and batches and other general settings.
  • Academic year setup to manage the overall examination system.
  • Enabling auto-logout helps the user to automatically log out from the application in case of inactivity.
  • SMS settings can be done based on the criteria that institute uses to send sms to the users.
  • Send SMS to targeted audience or group of people based on the requirement.
  • Store student document records and display in student profile.
  • Assign Class teachers who will be given specific privileges related to the allocated batch.

Student Information

  • Student Profile can be checked for fees, assigned activities daily remarks, attendance, etc.
  • Archived/Graduated students can be searched for fetching records.
  • Administrator can filter the data based on the search criteria and generate required student reports.

Human Resources

  • Quick and customisable admission form to upload the employee details in one go.
  • Bulk employee import option allows uploading details of employees in fractions of seconds.
  • Payroll setup can be done for variations of earnings and deductions. Instant amount changes in payroll is supported.
  • Payroll can be collectively assigned to employees sharing similar pay structure and frequency.
  • HR Admin or the employee with privileges can generate payslips based on payment frequency.
  • Separate privileges can be assigned for approval/rejection/ regeneration of payslip for employees.
  • Lots of Pay integration with automatic deduction calculation in employees’ payslip.

News Management

  • The administrator can create the news by adding videos, images , rich text, etc. and publish it for the employees and students.
  • Multiple attachments can be put with the news for better clarity on the content.
  • Commenting on news can be done, and option to moderate the comments by administrator is also available.

Finance and Fees

  • Fees setup can be done based on student category or for a complete course in a few clicks.
  • Fixed/Instant discounts can be provided along with late fees fine collection.
  • Academic fees can be collected along with transport and hostel fees in one go.
  • Fee defaulters report can be checked and students/parents can be reminded about the pending fees via sms/email.
  • There are multiple reports on collected/pending fees and their receipts.
  • Specific controlled access can be provided to users for access of Finance.
  • Fees can be collected online by integrating School365 and College365 with options of Payment Gateways available.

Examination and Gradebook

  • For each examination pattern, there are settings which help format any type of evaluation.
  • Marks and Grade Based Exam creation.
  • Student activity based grading exams.
  • Easy and quick evaluation and publishing of exam reports with instant alerts and notifications to parents.
  • Flexibility for teachers to enter marks and update it whenever necessary.
  • Each term examination report along with the end of year report card can be generated.

Reports Center

  • You can get a detailed level report of the core data by checking these reports.
  • The reports are dynamic and get automatically updated as per the changes in data.
  • Each report has a facility to be sorted based on columns in the same view and can be exported to CSV.

Employee Teacher Login

  • Employee attendance can be captured using RFID device and reports can be tallied.
  • Employee leave application and approval by reporting manager employees.
  • Subject marks entry and daily subject assignments.
  • Assigned timetable can be checked from the dashboard by the logged in teacher for their schedule plan.
  • With special privileges, employees can collect fee, manage inventory stores, manage hostel, manage transport, etc.

Student Parent Login

  • Students can submit assignments and check their progress.
  • Parents can keep a track of student’s attendance and check the exam related reports.
  • Students can participate in discussions and communicate via various available methods.
  • Notifications about the upcoming events andstudens check the academic calendar to plan their studies.

SMS Integration

  • The SMS module allows administrators and employees to receive and send text messages to other employees, students, and parents from School 365 and College 365.
  • The SMS settings can also be customized to deliver automatic alert messages right to the mobile phones of all users.

Custom Imports

  • Import Student data, Add Bulk Employee profile details, Student/ Parent profile details, Student examination scores, daily attendance information of student, Library book details and inventory details.
  • Administrator can save time by alleviating manual data entry tasks and reduce the chances of errors using this module.
  • Upload log can be checked to verify the data rows which succeeded or failed and appropriate actions can be taken.


  • Students can be provided hostel accommodation based on the availability of rooms. When recording hostel details, custom fields can be added to record any additional information required by the institution.
  • Scheduling of fee collection can be done post allocation. This fee can be collected along with academic fees for the allocated students.


  • Students can search the book details from their dashboard and issue or reserve books.
  • Librarian can tally records by generating the list of books issued or due for a duration.


  • Students and employees can be assigned to the bus routes based on the availability of seats.
  • Fee collections can be scheduled to collect transport fees. Fee receipts can be generated along with option to pay the transport fee with academic fee.
  • Reports are available for analysis regarding student allotments , routes and vehicles.


  • Store items can be managed and the employees can raise indents whenever items are required.
  • Store manager can also add stores, store items, raise indents, raise purchase orders, create GRN notes etc.

Applicant Registration

  • Publish the URL of the registration form on your website, where student can go directly and fill up their registration form.
  • Subject-based registration can be set and applicant can be contacted via SMS and Email.
  • The admissions department can get a detailed report of applicant data, printable application form, fee receipts for further usage.


  • When distributing work, teachers can attach digital content such as, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, and images.
  • Teachers can instruct students to submit their work as an uploaded file, or as direct text information.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • This payment option can be enabled for Student Academic fees, Applicant registration, Hostel and Transport Fees.
  • Students and parents can check their fee details, pay fees online, and print the fee receipts–all from their mobile phones.

Email Integration

  • Automatic emails can be setup for particular set of recipients on specific events.
  • Emails can be sent to employees or students or guardians.
  • Emails can be sent to employees or students or guardians.

Online Exam

  • Questions can be imported from any last exam of a particular batch.
  • Automatic marks calculation happens for objective exams based on settings and exam results can be seen to get reports.


  • Users can file a complaint or issue against teachers or students.
  • Assign Employees and students responsible for solving the issue.
  • Upload proof/evidence information like attachments, photos, documents etc.
  • Mark actions based on discussions and solutions for the disciplinary complaint.


  • Placement module helps to announce the placement events to the students. Students can apply for the placement event and can check status.
  • Eligible students can be authorized to participate in the event and the result can be declared. Related reports can be taken out for analysis and announcements.

Institute Event/Calendar

  • Institute’s schedule can be maintained in School365 and College365 calendar, where the students, parents and employees can check the upcoming events, examinations, fees dues and plan accordingly.


  • A track of all log activities can be maintained to check how the users are performing in different departments like finance activities, managing user accounts and scheduling or deleting activities related to the core data.
  • Fees can be tracked to specific student profiles as well as teacher profiles. The admin can clearly track all activities each user performs when it comes to fee transactions. The information on scheduling fee collection, collecting fees and reverting the fee collected is listed in logs.


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