iOS and Android apps in the School name

Campus365 offers superior mobile apps for iOS and Android which helps the School authorities as well as Parents and Students to leverage multiple benefits of features which radome offers. Let everyone use the apps even when they are on a vacation.

The Campus365 suite offers mobile apps for School and College in the School’s/College's name, logo, and address. We even let the schools and colleges involved in the design phase so that the app looks unique according to the theme.


  • An App that informs parents about each and every aspect of their child’s progress at school.
  • Attendance tracking by time. Know exactly when your kids passed through the school gate and when they left school.
  • Live position tracking of child in the school bus. Know exactly where the bus is and be assured of child’s safety.
  • No more ‘post-it’ notes for important dates. Parents get all notifications by SMS, Email and on the app so that they are up to date with the schedule of their children.
  • Accessibility from anywhere. Cloud computing in our softwares enables parents to access any information from around the world. On a business trip? Be informed from far away.
  • The app is 100% secure as no phone numbers are shared parents or teachers.

Admin, Teachers

  • Automatically notify parents about attendance, fee payment alerts, progress of their children, report cards, homework, time tables, schedules, holidays and more.
  • Reduce stationary costs by creating a no-paper process thereby making the school more eco-friendly.
  • Track attendance and performance real time in order to better manage a student’s progress.
  • Create a seamless process of parent-teacher and parent-school communication, updating them live of how their wards are progressing both academically and otherwise.

Campus365-The Differentiators!

Managing an educational institute can be a tedious job as a lot of activities happen at the same time. In such case, Campus365 is your solution as it gives you the edge over any other educational application by bringing all the verticals at one place. And thus giving you better and organized results.

  • Easy To Use
  • Login - Update - Logout
  • 360 Visualization
  • Students and Teachers On-boarding
Image: Campus 365's School Management Software Mobile App Image: Campus 365's School Management Software Mobile App


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Amazing School ERP
We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.
Appurva Bhardawaj
Excellent School ERP Software
Campus 365 is one of its own kind. It's really user-friendly and solution to all day to day school works. It has been a great experience shifting to them.
Girish Verma
Best School Management Software
Adapting to Campus 365 has been easy and the robust user-friendly SMS system comes with a great support. Happy to have switched to Campus 365.
Mohit Tiwari
Great Team
Help to maintain and use Information about Employees and Students in very Constructive way. Which makes our school’s Life much easier.
Ankur Verma
Awesome school management software
Amazing school ERP in a affordable price. It is great value for the money. Really satisfied with the services.
Ankur Verma
Amazing school automation software
It was a pleasure to have Campus 365 work with us to help us setup and implement Campus 365 features. The training team is great.
Santosh Kumar

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