Why Campus 365 School Management Software?

Campus 365’s school management software is a robust system that lets schools go paperless and streamline the tedious administrative tasks on a single platform by bringing automation into the picture. Evolved over 5 years, our School Automation Software is powered with cloud computing and equipped with the latest technologies such as data analysis and machine learning, which is why it is considered one of the most preferable and trusted School ERP Software in the country.

High speed, strong security, exceptional accuracy, and a vast array of outstanding features and modules make Campus 365’s School ERP an ideal school management software.

Anything you’re looking for in a school automation software, we’ve got you covered! Just share your requirements, and we shall provide you with a system that is not only fast but reliable too and can help you organise a plethora of school administrative activities and tasks in no time.

Product: End to end School Management Software
End to End Solution
We at Campus 365 understand it well and to support the education institutes and all the stakeholders we have designed an School ERP that has a touch point for every action and helps everyone manage their tasks and activities.
Product: Evolving School Management Software
Evolving Product
The education sector is a dynamic industry today that is constantly evolving. We keep a close eye on emerging trends and drivers of the industry and keep enhancing our School management software by adding new modules, enhancing the current features and updating the overall solution.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software customizations
Campus 365 is a comprehensive school ERP software, we have realized that sometimes an institution has its own specific needs. They can be related to data or certain views or processes to be adapted; we ensure that we quickly customize the solution to suit the need of the institution.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Integrity
We believe in building a long term relationship with our customers. This is possible because of our work ethics and integrity. We take joy in being an integral part of our customer’s growth.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Affordable Pricing
Affordable pricing
We understand that it’s not only a great technology solution but an affordable one as well that will help any organization achieve its vision and mission. That has enabled us to make Campus 365 school automation software really affordable.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Responsibility
We take our responsibilities very seriously. With the best of technology at hand and a hardworking team, we make our products efficient.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Budget Friendly
Business friendly
Campus 365 is integrated with 40+ apps , which enables schools to use multiple apps like Office 365, payment gateways, ect. with Campus 365's school ERP software.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software RFID Attendance
Smart & RFID Attendance
Campus 365 allows integration of the RFID attendance module with systems such as biometric devices and swipe cards, amongst others.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software User Document
User Document Storage
Campus 365 allows every user, even students to upload and save their documents so that they never misplace them again.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Inventory management
Inventory Management
Manage complete inventory of your School with Campus 365's school management software.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Generate Fee Receipts
Fee Receipts
Generate well designed and clear fee receipts that you can print or email to the parents in A4, A5 paper sizes.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Online Exams
Online Exams
Test your student's learning using Campus 365's school ERP Online Exam module. Schedule and conduct objective as well as subjective exams.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Webinars
Inbuilt webinar module for video conferencing with Teachers, Students, and Parents.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Empower Teachers
Empower your Teachers
Campus 365 school management software empowers your teachers by providing them with complete student analytics about their performances, attendance etc.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Secured Platform
All data is secured in Campus 365's Cloud Servers. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. Campus 365 protects complete data of your school.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Messaging
In-house messaging
Campus 365's school ERP comes with an internal messaging system, which you can use internally for communications even if you don’t have an emailing service or messaging service.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Payroll Management
Manage and Automate payrolls of different employees and users in your institutions using the integrated payroll module of Campus 365 school automation software.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Reports
Graphical reports
Get a graphical analysis of student performance with the help of Campus 365's school ERP software. Other graphical reports are also available for Examinations and Finance.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Data Privacy
Data Privacy
We offer every school full privacy to their data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in Campus 365's Cloud Servers.
Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Support
24/7 Support
Campus 365's support team is there to offer support 24/7 to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about Campus 365 School management software.

#1 School Management Software

Most school management software are difficult to learn and configure, so many schools don’t use them. Campus 365's School ERP was designed to be easy to use. So easy that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and email should be able to use it within 10 minutes.

Image: Campus 365 School Management Software Support

24/7 Dedicated Support

The problem with so many solution providers is that they never provide a real person for solving a School’s problem. Campus 365 provides a unique 3-way approach to solve your school management software problems.


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Product: Budget Friendly School Management Software

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Amazing School ERP
We don't have to care for our data, every single information is available on our palm. Ease of use, Self explanatory, Best Move towards digital schools.
Appurva Bhardawaj
Excellent School ERP Software
Campus 365 is one of its own kind. It's really user-friendly and solution to all day to day school works. It has been a great experience shifting to them.
Girish Verma
Best School Management Software
Adapting to Campus 365 has been easy and the robust user-friendly SMS system comes with a great support. Happy to have switched to Campus 365.
Mohit Tiwari
Great Team
Help to maintain and use Information about Employees and Students in very Constructive way. Which makes our school’s Life much easier.
Ankur Verma
Awesome school management software
Amazing school ERP in a affordable price. It is great value for the money. Really satisfied with the services.
Ankur Verma
Amazing school automation software
It was a pleasure to have Campus 365 work with us to help us setup and implement Campus 365 features. The training team is great.
Santosh Kumar

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