Cloud based School and College Management Platforms by Campus 365

Introduction to the SAAS:

Cloud computing is considered as a big boon in today’s era. Software as a Service is examined to be a part of the nomenclature of Cloud computing. Software as a Service holds the potentiality to cause a ‘sea change’ in the delivery and development of software applications. SAAS applications are pretty well designed for interoperability. The application services in the market are evolving rapidly. If it is to be judged only based on the number of entrants, this would be one of the remarkable growth stories of the previous century.

Lucrative nature:

SAAS provides a perpetual license which varies like monthly or an annual fee inherently reducing the total cost of ownership of your software infrastructure.

Recurring-revenue charge models those enjoyed by Internet Service providers (ISP) are extremely alluring to developers. Even the installers of the traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, who are conventional to small annual maintenance fees but larger up-front customization charges of the application, are being attracted to the Software as a Service model as it is a way to smooth revenue projections.

Effective Functionality:

It makes development testing faster as it is hosted centrally. The Update is decided and executed. We use certain methodologies like agile-software development for accelerated feature deliveries. As SAAS cannot access internal services it offers APIs and integrated protocols over a wide network. It allows the companies who are using SaaS architecture to protect and ensure the data that is residing within the applications, given protection against data loss.

Campus365 – SaaS Model for School and College Management

A number of patrons come here looking for the most comprehensive software to manage their schools and college operations – then you are at a right place ‘Campus 365’ software which is endorsed by SaaS is economic friendly, easy to install, deploy, usage and inherently sociable.
Campus 365’s platforms enclose all the features you predict to have in efficient software according to level which it is to be streamlined. It is fast and nimble.


The most requisites which you need are parent teacher collaboration which is possible with the social collaboration feature of the SAAS. Our management applications in SAAS offers features which let users comment on tasks/plans and sharing information in-out organization, which also offers new feature ideas. By sharing resources, the efficient use of such resources also decreases the costs of operations, so that such resources could be channeled elsewhere. This thus boosts efficiency.

Timetable, attendance & scheduling, is managed by using data escrow and issue management features of SAAS. Assignments, online examinations, reports, grades and many other new features included in traditional applications, useful modules which are available in our software.

We design them with utmost interest to render you the right action with all customization features you need to make for user friendly, easily accessible to parents, teachers, students, employee’s etc.

Our software has the ability to respond quickly to market shifts and the customer demands. Web-based service model greatly expands the possibilities for customer base, offering access to the entire Internet based management market. Our software hosts the application and data centrally deploying the patches. The upgrade is done to the application Openly/transparently, delivering access to end users over the Intranet, Internet, and LAN.

Our software has the benefits which are quintessential for development of the management modules. Some businesses often have no high-end IT infrastructure. These consumers are up roaring to improve respective competitive places with technology investments, so that promotion of various types of productivity, planning and e-business applications can help to achieve new growth. Their problem is they lack the sources for the execution of modern solution properly.

Try Free Version and Get Satisfied

If Security is your priority and needs to make an ingenious application then Campus 365 will provide that. You can explore all our features with a trial version. When it comes to software services, many companies take a decision to purchase software application without a good knowledge of the value the software will deliver to their business. To make a bigger up-front investment in the form of a capital expenditure, without having a trial drive on the system first – is a risky move for such a huge, high-profile expense. You can test here Campus 365’s platforms before purchasing it.