How to Engage students at every step of school ERP?


The orthodox approach of keeping hard copies of documents has been followed by everyone. Now I am not saying that hard copies are not good but what’s the loss in keeping a backup which is more secure, more confidential, and most importantly easy on the hand.

So, here I am sharing some of the key-points through which you can keep students engaged at every step of the school ERP:



Let’s begin with the most important feature i.e. Live Classes. Live classes enable a student to attend his daily classes and interact with the teacher about his doubts or any other concern. When there is no time limit on the sessions, then only this module can be utilized efficiently. Screen sharing helps the class participation and the polling option lets a child keep his viewpoint in front of the whole class.


Now that the corona has limited the physical meetings with teachers, batch-mates, and other school members, so we tried to shorten that distance with our In-class chat feature. The students can interact with each other, discuss their subject-related problems, and seek help whenever required. This helps in effective communication as well as a better relationship with fellow classmates.



When a student is able of viewing all his information placed on one platform, it doesn’t just boost his engagement but also makes him more responsible and lower his dependency on the parent. Details like Admission Date, Current and Permanent Address, Blood group, Guardian details all reflected on the dashboard help a student to be fully composed.



The flexibility like checking course timetable, syllabus status, homework, and submission date, leave application, etc help a child be updated with the class and level up his game. He can check the fee status and accordingly pay the pending dues. He can check all the information related to fine as well if any. Through the attendance feature, he can keep a tab on his daily attendance and cover-up in case it is falling short. And with the hostel feature, he can check the room type and its availability status.



In the online examination section, he can even check the number of attempts taken. The Campus 365 school ERP provides objective as well as subjective type examinations. In the upgraded feature, the proctoring exam solution is also available to avoid any kind of cheating or copying.



With the download center, he can easily access his assignments, study material anytime just by downloading it to his system. The child can also issue books through the library feature. And features like a notice board providing all the information related to upcoming events, holidays, exams, etc help the child plan his session effectively.



Thanks to the RFID and GPS device integrations, he can keep a track of the routes with vehicle numbers. The tracking feature helps parents as well as to keep a tab on their child’s movement. So, the child can focus on his studies without worrying of informing about getting late or anything to his parent.


Some features are not directly relevant to the student curriculum but suggestively should be there to boost encouragement. One of the features available in Campus 365 ERP is “Thought of the Day”. This pop-up shows up on student’s screens every day and brings a tiny motivation and positivity to look forward to the day.

The school management software for students is taking care of all the activities related to student academics just like it was done manually. The best part of the school ERP considering the current situation of Corona is students are able of attending their schools digitally regularly. Also, they are in safe hands and are able to spend quality time with their families as well as on their studies.

If your school ERP is capable of accumulating so many flexibilities dedicatedly for student access, how can a student be left unengaged with his curriculum? The school ERP is not just about engaging students completely instead it helps in improvising the child performance throughout the year.

And if you are not using the Campus 365 software even now, you are already lagging behind in the competition. Because the schools who are getting digital, coping up with the current need of the situation can only survive in the long term.

Get your school the food it needs to get up and high. Better late than being sorry.

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Saumyaa Agarwal
Saumyaa Agarwal

Saumyaa heads the Marketing team at Campus 365. She has extensive experience working in various roles across many industries and organizations including large MNCs, the public sector, leading startups, and as an entrepreneur. She is an avid writer and sought-after public speaker on many topics of interest and a passionate trainer for all things marketing and business..

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