Campus 365 School ERP: Online Classes and Remote Teaching during COVID-19

Are you worried about the disruption to your academic calendar due to the COVID-19 crisis? The outbreak of coronavirus has forced millions of institutions to rapidly shift from in-person teaching to online teaching, due to which, many schools and teachers around the world are looking into how they can continue to teach their pupils remotely […]

Distance Learning is the way forward amid the growing COVID-19 outbreak

Online education is the way forward for schools and universities amid the growing coronavirus outbreak With the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the coronavirus (COVID – 19) outbreak as a pandemic now, we understand how concerning the situation might be for educational institutions across the globe. Many schools and universities have either closed temporarily or […]

GPS & Transportation Management, A must-have module for School Management Software

This feature provided by Campus 365 school management software is one of the reasons, the parents are ardent fans of our software. Can you turn down an app that lets you know the location of your most important person? Of course, not. I don’t think there exist a lot of apps that enable this facility. And you […]

No More Miscommunications

In schools, if the matters are not handled in an organized manner, there tend to be miscommunications. They meddle with the proper functioning of the institution. It is easy to get left out in terms of updating or just like that due to some reasons. This is why all the educational institutions should go for […]

How can an effective Attendance system help with the growth of your Institute?

Attendance plays an important role in the growth of an institute. But what is more important is informing the parents about the same. There are three main reasons for the same – High attendance – high performance – A Global research on more than 20,000+ institutes has revealed a direct relationship between attendance and performance of […]

How the CAMPUS 365 Solutions Engineering Team Makes Platform Migrations Easy

As part of our commitment to empowering schools, colleges and institues to Do More With Less, Worry Free, the teams at CAMPUS 365 are always looking for ways to decrease stress for our customers. One big way the Solutions Engineering team does this is by making platform migrations as easy as possible for new customers. In […]

How can parents be happy using technology in the right way?

Technology can be used as a very useful tool to make our lives easier. When used in the right way you can create a positive change in your Parents’ life. Also, it’s better to adapt to changes and learn to use technology in a good way.Here are 5 such ways where technology is helping Parents: […]

Our platforms are getting a new look

We’re starting a redesign process of our School Management Platform and College Management Platform! Over the next few weeks, we will introduce a series of updates to Campus 365 platforms look and feel. The first new addition you will be able to see is the menu update, which is coming in the next two weeks. […]

Cloud based School and College Management Platforms by Campus 365

Introduction to the SAAS: Cloud computing is considered as a big boon in today’s era. Software as a Service is examined to be a part of the nomenclature of Cloud computing. Software as a Service holds the potentiality to cause a ‘sea change’ in the delivery and development of software applications. SAAS applications are pretty […]

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