iTimetable: The Easiest Way To Create Your School Schedule

In educational institutions, creating the study timetable — which lessons are to be taught, when, and by whom – is a huge, complicated, and time-consuming process. While doing so, the school generally faces several challenges as they need to consider multiple factors to create an effective timetable that serves both students and instructors such as the period each subject receives each week, availability of teachers, the necessity for occasional double periods, and so on. As a result, each school day has a varied schedule to meet all of the circumstances.

comprehensive study timetable reflects the functionality of the educational structure in that institution. Understandably, creating an error-free timetable manually is indeed an exhaustive and complex task for school staff. It acts as a guideline for both students and teachers. To save valuable time and effort of staff, resorting to an automated system of learning management system such as Campus 365’s iTimetable that can do this cumbersome task with ease is the ideal solution for better management of time.

Now, let’s discuss the several features of Campus 365’s iTimetable and how this automated system can save more time than compared to its manual version:

Campus 365's iTimetable Feature

1. Paperless and Eco-Friendly

The manual timetable system necessitates time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry, which leads to timing problems. A timetable is generally created across all the grades for multiple divisions. Imagine creating and handling that much amount of paperwork. It confuses if the paper gets lost by any chance.

Automating school timetables using the iTimetable of Campus 365, a school management software can help save the difficulties of dealing with paper while also indirectly promoting the approach of an eco-friendly environment. This automated system will create multi-level timetables digitally for the whole school without wasting any paper.

2. Saves valuable time and effort in school

For a school, time is no less than money. With multiple functions to be carried out simultaneously, saving time and effort is the top priority for every school.

For this reason, automating your school’s study timetable can help you in better management of time. Automating not only makes the time-consuming work of creating schedules easier, but also saves time.

iTimetable of Campus 365, an automated system that generates student time tables in minutes saving approximately 3 hours of the weekly time of teachers and students as well. By simply entering the necessary data into the system, the unique study timetable for each class and subject is created digitally.

This guarantees that teaching resources, as well as school infrastructures such as lab hours and library periods, are used to their full potential. With this automated learning management system, students too will have easy access to a digital study timetable without confusion with better management of time.

3. Error-free Scheduling

There is always the likelihood of human error when performing any manual task. When implementing an automated system to manage study timetables such as iTimetable of Campus 365, the chances of making a mistake are greatly reduced. A single click can solve a data entry problem in educational software in minutes. In schools, while creating a student timetable, with a wide range of class standards and divisions, the iTimetable feature can be a boon for the growth of schools.

4. Efficient Payroll Processing

The iTimetable feature of Campus 365 school ERP software can easily figure out how many hours each instructor spent in the classroom, how many days they worked, and how many days they were absent. Calculating this via a manual system can be a time-consuming operation prone to errors and miscalculations. The same process, however, becomes a breeze with the help of the automated system of iTimetable management module in the school management software. This makes calculating the teachers’ payroll much easier.

5. Substitute Management is easy

Now with Campus 365’s iTimetable module, it gets easier for schools to assign a substitute teacher to a class when a teacher is absent. With this feature, teachers will be informed well in advance about any changes in the timetable, allowing them to prepare for the day ahead and avoid any subsequent disruption to the ongoing classes.

6. User-Friendly Interface with Security

One of the most prominent features of using technology to build your school schedule is that iTimetable’s interface is user-friendly and can be utilized by anyone with only elementary digital skills. This automated system can be accessed without causing any difficulty.

While the iTimetable is simple to use, it is also incredibly secure, ensuring that all sensitive school data is kept safe and that only those with previous authorization have access to modify the details.

 The way Forward

As creating a student timetable is one of those activities that is critical to the school’s day-to-day operations. A poorly constructed timetable, on the other hand, can result in complete chaos for students and teachers. In today’s technologically driven world, using a learning management system like Campus 365 with iTimetable feature can offer several advantages to the school, including ensuring that the school runs smoothly and without complexity.

This exclusive feature of an automated system is best for the management of time as it has the potential to save over 3 hours of weekly time for teachers and students by creating a student timetable effectively.

With its user-friendly layout and cloud technology, the data can be accessed securely from any place, allowing the school to go paperless without risk.

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Mayank Singh
Mayank Singh

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